We offer an extensive collection of natural fiber textiles in PFD form. As we work with a range of brands, we understand that each has a unique taste in color and unique characteristics. PFD fabrics are the perfect blank canvas for customization and brand identity. We in turn also minimize over processing, save energy and dye stuff resources.  

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  • EPG-9469 Geo-Quilt (Diamond pattern)
    EPG-9469 Geo-Quilt (Diamond pattern)
  • F13-736C- Rayon Jackson
    F13-736C- Rayon Jackson
  • F24-948XT Rayon Crepe
    F24-948XT Rayon Crepe
  • F36-736 Rayon Plain Weave
    F36-736 Rayon Plain Weave
  • F37 Rayon Crepe de Chine
    F37 Rayon Crepe de Chine
  • F40-SB Yarn Dyed Rayon Blend
    F40-SB Yarn Dyed Rayon Blend