Collection: Tencel

 TENCEL™ is the flagship Textile brand of Lenzing.  Such fibers are soft to the skin, smooth to the touch and offer great drape and flow.

Tencel needs fewer energy and less water than cotton and with the closed loop system production process, the solvent is recycled time after time. Tencel is also biodegradable, as a naturally derived fiber. Lenzing says it sources its wood and pulp from licensed and controlled sources, such as land that is sustainably managed. 

11 products
  • G18p-396
  • G69- Soft Poplin
    G69- Soft Poplin
  • G575- Lyocell/Linen Canvas
    G575- Lyocell/Linen Canvas
  • G1004- Lyocell Twill
    G1004- Lyocell Twill
  • G470- Lyocell Twill
    G470- Lyocell Twill